Okay so I’m in a sociology class that focuses mainly on racism, and before class ended my teacher told us to look up the controversial “Julianne Hough costume” where she dressed as cr*zy eyes from orange is the new black and did black-face (Hough is white, cr*zy eyes is black). What I found the most disgusting was when I typed in “Julianne Hough blackface” in Google, I found a bunch of pictures of “Hilarious Zimmerman and Trayvon costumes!!”
Like, are people seriously that fucked up? Some kid fucking died b/c of racial profiling and the guy who shot him didn’t even get in trouble and white people made it into a “funny/clever” Halloween costume? Seriously?what the fuck. 
Funny how people dressed up as Trayvon and Zimmerman cause it’s lol so funny but when Columbine happened schools went on lock down, there were motivational speakers and sad stories told at all schools, and there was a documentary about how the reason they shot up the school was because they were loners and had no friends and no one listened to them, and had nothing to do with them as people because white people are fucking angels.
I bet NO ONE dressed up as them for Halloween b/c that’s disrespectful and insensitive.